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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living with Change Your Mind

This time I will tell you all that our thoughts can change our lives. With that in mind then what we think will become a reality and therefore jangannah occasionally we think the things we do not want.

In a book called The Secret therein tertuliskan clear that our mind is our fate. and also there is a movie called Secret (if not wrong) there are examples or stories about people who managed to turn his life only with the Mind. For example, there are people who have experienced a huge accident that he suffered a very severe paralysis, by dokterpun been convicted can not be cured. But he never gave up she kept thinking can walk, go get some fresh air while walking for months he continued to think about and in that time there were a lot of progress that he experienced until he finally recovered.

From the above story we already know what strength is owned by the Mind. And here are the tips so that we can use these strengths:

1. Continue to Pray, as human beings we're supposed to pray to god we are in as much detail cohtohnya if we want a computer then we must say what we want the brand, color, price etc.. Maybe deep down inside you ask "God is great to know what we want?" but the thing is whether we know what we want?
2. Never give up, do not ever despair to what we want.
So first information from me, hopefully this article can be useful for you all.


  1. salam shaabat
    sangat setuju sekali ubah hidup dengan pikiran karena ini memberikan peran yg penting,makash inofinya tak lupa dah saya follow

  2. Setuju banget nih. Dan dialami juga, pernah mikir tentang kehilangan motor, karena kecapean ngurusnya. eh tak lama kemudian beneran terjadi. nyesel juga :(


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