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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Benefits Of Fruit Leunca (Solanum nigrum L) as Medicine Skin

Leunca fruit is a fruit which is generally used for cooking by the people especially the tribal Sunda. they make the fruit Leunca as one whose name AC cooking. But, do you know that actually Leunca fruit can be used as medicine?

Leunca Fruits contain many vitamins including vitamins A, C and more so the fruit Leunca to cure various diseases, including skin diseases such as HERVES. HERVES is a skin disease that is spread viruses and penyebarannyapun olrh very fast. Jka person is exposed to the disease because of dirty or because of contracting the skin of the affected section will feel the heat, itching and burning.

But do not worry herves disease will be cured quickly by fruit Leunca. way is to take the fruit Leunca (uasahakan leuncanya fruit is a type of fruit Leunca small and black purplefish but none should wear kalu Leunca large fruit as long as it is black) and then squeezed lencanya by using the index finger and thumb continued to rub on the skin herves disease. And wait until a few days (ga ampai a week) then you will be healed when herves insaallah.

I have tried haltersebut and I already feel it. I know that according to expert studies, that mentions fruit Leunca proven to cure various diseases. Besides HERVES Leunca can also heal wounds. And because the fruit Leunca contain lots of vitamin C so it could be to cure heartburn.

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